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senator chuck hagel of nebraska likely to be nominated at secretary of state next week after obama returns from vacation in hawaii according to the wall street journal. >> white house released picture of president obama as he was being briefed about the shootings in newtown, connecticut right after it happened last month. as you can see mr. obama appears to be very somber as he spoke with deputy national security advisor john brennan about this. president later said during a television interview that was quote the worst day of his presidency. >> another point an moment captured by the white house president obama present add purple heart hours after he was hit by aneurysm ed in afghanistan. improvised explosive did he advice. haig seems to be asleep or unconscious. president white period and with eyes still closed sergeant haig as you see here reached his hand out to shake with the president. very dramatic. >> controversial new movie open today's about the hunt for osama bin laden. senate intelligence committee wants answers about the making of zero dark 30 and protestors in the bay
style? the obama campaign and the bush white house, joining us in the war room plus the man who made the deal with joe biden. could the compromise with the vice president put mitch mcconnell in an awkward position within his own party? you're watching msnbc, the place for politics. [ woman ] too weak. wears off. [ female announcer ] stop searching and start repairing. eucerin professional repair moisturizes while actually repairing very dry skin. the end of trial and error has arrived. try a free sample at eucerinus.com. i'm here to unleash my inner cowboy... instead i got heartburn. [ horse neighs ] hold up partner. prilosec isn't for fast relief. try alka-seltzer. kills heartburn fast. yeehaw! >>> the fda is pushing its most sweeping food safety requirements in decades and they'll start by placing more responsibility to farmers and food companies. they'll require farmers to take extra precautions in the field. food manufacturers are also required to submit food safety plans to the federal government. >> here's a look at some of the other stories making news right now. a tragedy end
on in these next round of negotiations. i can tell you that president obama according to my shoreses at the white house will be hitting the road very close after the inauguration. he believes this is one of his strongest tactics to make his argument to the american people to let them pressure congress to get something done. you heard him preview this argument that if the nation does not increase its debt ceiling and if this becomes a long, drawn-out battle like the one we saw back in 2011, the economy will suffer greatly for it. so the battle lines are getting drawn, craig. get ready for another big washington with, knockdown, drag-out fight. it sounds like it will be debt ceiling before immigration. >> well, i wouldn't say that. i have been talking to my sources here who say that the president is still very focused on his second term agenda which includes immigration reform and enacting stiffer gun control laws and also some new energy policies in terms of the timeline, the white house is still working all of that out, but they say that the president is determined not to have these budget battle
and confirmed the result. obama 332, mitt romney 206. our chief white house correspondent and political director chuck todd is reporting tonight that the president is expected to nominate chuck hagel for defense secretary early next week after his return from vacation in hawaii. he also reports the white house knows it's going to have a confirmation fight on its hands if hagel gets the nod to replace leon panetta. hagel has strong supporters in the senate. there has also been strong opposition to him on both sides of the aisle. >>> the senior senator from idaho, mike crapo is losing his license for a year after pleading guilty today to a charge of drunk driving in virginia. two days the arrest two days before christmas surprised a lot of people because crapo is a mormon and had said he didn't drink. today he apologized, admitted he drank occasionally and said he had been drinking vodka and tonic at home on the night of the arrest and got restless and went out for a drive. >>> there is news tonight about american jobs. the labor department says the economy added 155,000 jobs in december, pretty m
. america's news headquarters live from the nation's capitol starts right now. hello eeverybody. the white house is going to be closing in on the next pick for the secretary of defense. the man mr. obama has in mind is sparking controversy right now. james rosiin is here with more on the story. >> white house cautioned that no decision was made on the top pentagon spot. but two senior aides said that chuck hagel two term gop senator from nebraska is likely to be nominated. a maverick who opposed the surge in iraq and toureded middle east with cabbed dat obama. gop senator marko rubio may block the nomination unless hagel with draws the opposition of the trade embargo to cuba. they depressed concern about his remarks that veteran mideast diplomat aaron miller. the jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people up here on capitol hill hagel said i am not a israeli senator, i am a
journey in south jakarta to president obama in the white house. he was there for three and a half years and his mother sent him back to honolulu. his grandfather, stanley dunham, who was a kid to some combination of willy loman, always had great dreams and stories, none of which turn out to be true nonetheless was an insurance salesman at that point and his boss at the insurance company was on the various on the elite school of hawaii, where all the descendents of the big five points and at the point that young dairy divan at age 10, which is starting to diversify the connections of his grandfather and grandmother that matalin then i'm not bette davis after marrying his care to realize she had to be a rock of the family not to be secretary and eventually ended up as a vice president. that bank of hawaii, the president goes on the board of directors, so that helps dagon barry into the school, which only had two other african-americans in it. he had to find his way and learn what it for him or his homeless. his mother was back in indonesia for most of that sh asonly 18 of which is learni
to be that transcendent administration that brought us all together. that is why barack obama earned the white house because he said he was going to be the great uniter. remember that beautiful inaugural address? it was glorious. he said to conservatives, i want to listen to you, especially when we disagree. okay. nice, beautiful, beautiful idea. he was going to meet with conservatives in congress once a week. that was a great idea too. he meant twice, twice, two times. three days after that beautiful speech, the conservatives in congress came to the white house, and they had a meeting, and eric cantor, congressman from virginia, articulated the conservative perspective on increasing taxes, that we shouldn't do it. you know what obama said three days after he said i'll listen to you, especially when we disagree. he said, you lost, i won, i trump you on that. he said he wants the folks who got us into the mess to do less talking and more listening. you can talk a little bit, but i want you to be on the sidelines while we clean this up for you. unbelievable. gone was any notion of unifying the country
and one saying left unhappy with obama. tom harken expressed were -- what a lot of people in the base felt, which was that president obama caved in too easily, should have stuck to his guns, etc., all of think -- which the white house looks at and says yeah, you guys are great armchair negotiators, try getting in the room with the republicans and doing this. you have this uneasy truce, cease fire between president obama and his liberal core, the pundits and activists and people who dominate the chattering class, and -- when there was a threat of a mitt romney presidency and now that's over. he has to go back and deal with this republican house, and if that's not difficult enough, he has to hear the sniping from the political left. gwen: and you think once it's settled, it's settled but it's not settled at all. >> it's not. if we had gone over the fiscal cliff everybody's taxes would have gone up a whole heck of a lot in may. may have caused another recession. but it was ultimately survivable. some forecast even said it was a good thing. but the debt limit is something you can't mess around
one thing at a time, and that is a refrain that we often heard from then-senator barack obama while he was making the first white house run in 2008, and the first week of 2013 bore it out. as the white house and the rest of washington were scrambling to limit the fiscal cliff damage, president obama once again used the executive power to get something done on immigration policy. according to the washington post, the rule set to go into effect march 4th will allowed qualified relatives of citizens who are undocumented, excuse me, americans who are undocumented to apply for a provisional unlawful presence waiver before leaving the united states to obtain their visas. so that the change is a big deal for families and basically, you have a situation where if you were an undocumented family member and you left to go get a visa, it could take as much as ten years of separation from the family while you were in the native country applying for the visa, but now the family members will face a shorter wait outside of the united states. the president did not do this without a push. back in decemb
. >> president obama's hawaii vacation is it about to end soon and while the fiscal cliff may be a short-term fince the debt ceiling may be a hurdle between the height white house and gop. joining us is wendall who is traveling with the president. >> the president warned the republicans not to use the fight over the debt ceiling to trigger government spending cuts. but there is it every indication that they will do so . republicans will probably have more leverage than they did in the fight over the fiscal cliff. the problem is, even the threat of defaulting on its debt and lower the credit rate raising the cost of borrowing money and could trigger a global depreddings. >> if congress refuses to give the united states the ability to pay the bills on time. the consequences to the global economy could be catastrophic. last time our entire economy suffered. our familis and businesses cannot afford that dangerous game again. >> congressional office said it will leave 900 billion a year in deficits. republicans say by raising taxes on the wealthy. they ended the revenue debate. it still requi
. >>> president obama making full use of social media especially twitter, the white house has sent more than 3,000 tweets last year, and that's first among world leaders in the twitter universe. the latest tweets, the year in photos. the president and first lady embracing after news of his re-election. and this, president's remarks to the nation and this photo of president obama, elbow bumping a couple of government workers after speaking about the fiscal cliff negotiations. plenty more photos from 2012. that's for sure. [ female announcer ] with swiffer dusters, a great clean doesn't have to take longer. i'm done. i'm gonna read one of these. i'm gonna read one of these! [ female announcer ] unlike sprays and dust rags, swiffer 360 duster's extender gets into hard-to-reach places without the hassle. so you can get unbelievable dust pickup in less time without missing a thing. i love that book. can you believe the twin did it? ♪ swiffer. great clean in less time. or your money back. but don't just listen to me. listen to these happy progressive customers. i plugged in snapshot, and 30 days l
of supervisors did a resolution. we had the mayor tweeting. there is also an official letter from the white house to acknowledge small business saturday, and hopefully you saw president obama out shopping with his family. and he did personal tweeting. so that was great and very exciting. >> i would like to comment and i want to thank regina, you and everybody in your office for promoting small business saturday. i was out in some of the neighbors and they were very pleased how your office was out there helping promote this. and i know several businesses said that, especially in the noe valley and upper market and costa, everybody is downtown shopping and that saturday they had a definite increase in business. 24th street i was down there and talking to some folks down there and they were saying that was one of their best after-thanksgiving distal saturday and i know on castro it was the same. so thank you to you and your office for promoting it. >> you are welcome. so this year we worked with women impacting public policy and wipp and sf travel came on and the chamber of commerce. so we want
, connecticut. take a look, the moment captured by a white house photographer when president obama got word of the newtown massacre. the president called it the worst day of his presidency. consequently, he's made gun control a key term of his second agenda, but you may not be aware the health care bill contains a little known item ability guns. it bars doctors from collecting data about their patients' gun use. consider that merely owning a gun increases your chances of homicide and suicide, it's not such a strange thing to study, but the nra objected. we wanted to ask them why, but they declined to come on "360." we're joined by peter from the "post" who has been reporting the story. as a doctor and a journalist, i was surprised to read about the provisions in the affordable care act. you have been investigating this for a while. how did it get into the bill specifically? what did you discover about that? >> the nra, as you know, is a powerful organization on capitol hill. they spent a lot of money on lobbying, and they did lobby congress and the senate specifically in the final days of t
wasteful spending. >>> white house officials say president obama is expected to nominate chuck hagel of nebraska to be defense secretary. >> the scandal over hidden cash has taken a new turn with release of a scathing report. it turns out the money was hidden for more than 12 years. capitol core dental nannette miranda explains. >> 70 state parks were scheduled to shut down last summer because of budget shortfalls but just as the closures were about to happen a surplus of $54 million was found hidden in two of the agency's funds. accounting errors were largely to blame, no one reported the extra money. a stinging report by the attorney general found $20 million of it partly corrected through entrance fees was intentionally concealed. >> it sounds like a cover-up. >> by all accounts there was some covering up that was done. >> investigators found the failure to reported the surplus became conscious and deliberate possibly as early as 1999. accounting officers were all aware of the discrepancy and numerous individuals failed to take appropriate action. lower level employees followed or
, he threw it into a burning fireplace in his office. the white house says a formal offer on social security was never made. but president obama's position on social security reform really isn't hard to find. in his 2006 book, "the audacity of hope," president obama wrote the problems with the social security trust fund are real but manageable. in 1983, when facing a similar problem, ronald reagan and house speaker tip o'neill got together and shaped a bipartisan plan that stabilized the system for the next 60 years. there is no reason we can't do the same today. this is true. ronald reagan and tip o'neill cut a deal to ensure social security's solvency in the out years. it's not clear why we need to do the same thing today, nor this round of negotiations. right now full benefits in social security are guaranteed until 2038. if there are no changes, 81% of all benefits would still be paid after that. one way to close the gap is to increase the payroll tax by 1.6%. another way is to lift the $110,000 cap on payroll taxes. reform is possible without drastic cuts to benefits. and that'
spread cases of the flu. >> president obama's hawaii vacation is about over. this time tomorrow he will be back in washington and facing a budget showdown with the republicans. this time over the nation's rising debt sealing. senior white house foreign affairs correspondant joins us live from honolulu. >> even though the president warned against it republicans are posed to use the coming debate . supports the spending cuts they didn't get in the fiscal cliff hike. moodies lowered our credit rating and president said that congress is holding back our own economy. it can't afford more protractive showdowns and crisis on the way. ine as our business created two million new jobs and 168 thousand last month. the messy brink manship made it more conseshative and consumers less confident. >> congressional budget office said the fiscal cliff deal leaves a 900 billion a year budget deficit and republicans say there is no confidence that the country will get its debt problem under control. the tax hike that congress approved and ended the revenue part of the question. spending cuts are all t
what do you get from having somebody. you're going to see white democrats play a different role. >> but sure. that infrastructure that did not like barack obama was not able to stop him. >> actually. actually it did, ben. >> what else are we missing? >> not thing to keep in mind, barack obama was. just the candidate of african merges as ben noted his article. he was also the candidate of upscale college-educated white liberal voters and the thing is in a democratic white primary right now, if you get both of those constituencies, you have a very formidable voting block. when you look at a lot of these other attendants, people look at hillary clinton by virtue of being a clinton would get the popular vote. so that's the other piece. that's the complicating story with ben's story. if you have a woman who's running as well, that's another powerful identity politics play that could con fwuz the picture, versus candidates like booker and a candidate like patrick. remember that barack obama in his 2000 run for congress he ran against an african-american from the south side of chicago
anniversary of the shooting that critically injured her. and the white house released this photo on friday, the moment that president obama learned of the shooting that left 26 people dead. the president called it the worst day of his presidency. >>> days after the republican house was blasted from preventing to help funds for hurricane sandy, a bill to do just that is headed to president obama's desk. lawmakers got $10 billion. another bill authorized, $51 billion in additional aid will come up for a vote in the house in ten days. >>> and love was in the air in china on friday. thousands of couples across the country died the knot because of the date. in mandarin, january 4th, 2013, sounds similar to the phrase, i will love you for all of my life. and those who got married because of the date. i got two words. [ speaking foreign language ] you know what that means? >> no. >> prenup. prenup, in mandarin. >> i thought you were romantic. >> no. >> thank you. >>> we turn, now, to the two, shocking back-to-back stories about alcohol and airlines. in one case, passengers took matters into their
on facebook. >>> president obama to cap the next secretary of defense as soon as next week and signs point to former gop senator chuck hagel. >> reporter: the white house has confirmed that no selection has been made but source, say that chuck hagel has been thought. he opposed the surge. marco rubio of florida says that he might block the nomination unless he withdraws his on cyst to the u.s. embargo to trade against cuba. and he is balking at the designation of hezbollah has a terrorist group. there are the remarks that he made to david aaron miller. n m >> i'm not an israeli senator. he says, i'm a united states senator >>> some gay be a lesbian groups are unimpress the with the apology that hagel offered harass months for comments he made in 1998 about the first openly ambassador jay hormel who he called openly gay. >> others say that the two purple hearts that he earned qualifies him for the job. and the white house has lined up many to defend his record on israel. >> he has been a supporter of the state of israel and its security requirements. >> president obama told nbc news last we
, that's what i call a cold. >>> president obama is expected to nominate senator chuck hagel as secretary of defense next week. the president has called hagel a patriot, who is doing an outstanding job as a member of the white house intelligence advisory board. critics have noted that hagel has opposed the surge of troops in iraq in the bush administration. >>> lance armstrong is back in the news. "new york times" reports he is contemplating publicly admitting that he doped. sources tell the paper he is considering an admission because he wants to persuade anti-doping officials to allow him to get back into professional cycling. the time -- but armstrong's attorney tells cnn that he his client is not in talks with anti-doping agencies. and his client has denied using performance-enhancing drugs. >>> no passengers were on board at the time. the plane was scheduled to fly from minneapolis to new york. the pilot failed a breathalyzer test. the alcohol limit for flying is.04%, half the legal limit for most drivers. he is now off the job during this investigation. >>> stocks start in 2013 with
will learn to read. a number of nis organization reported that president obama will follow nature chuck hagel to be secretary of defense next week. but there was no official confirmation from the white house. this latest news caps several weeks of a public campaign for and against hagel's nomination. ray is back with this story. >> hagel says military action is not a viable, feasible, responsible option. president obama-- for secretary of defense, chuck hagel is not a responsible option. >> suarez: former nebraska senator chuck hagel has not, so far, been nominated for the top pentagon job, but attacks like this tv ad began shortly after news accounts named hagel the frontrunner. they focus mostly on whether he's sufficiently pro-israel. >> there is an incredible level of concern about the kind of secretary of defense he would be, based on his foreign policy views and his foreign policy record, and the things he's said over the past dozen years of his political career. >> suarez: noah pollak is executive director of the emergency committee for israel, which produced the tv ad. under federal l
. but this is something that we all need to get behind. we can't let this go. the kind of people who went to the white house the first time was senator hillary rodham clinton. the second was from president obama and the third letter was from michelle. i would suggest this. until the college students that. research people. research their voting records are what have they done for you back home? those are the people that you need to support. not what they might do or might think about doing, but what they have done. i couldn't let this go. i can't let it go today. i have traveled the world. in march of 2009, i shared my story for six days. i have never lived anywhere but alabama and the south. and this had to be a big southern problem, but no, no, it is coast-to-coast and north to south and east west. it's also around the world. we shared my story with french and the japanese, and they send reporters into the country and interviewed me. and they put articles out there as well. the chileans newspaper interviewed me for the second time. they have the same problem. what is sad is that they are looking at t
with bill clinton. they're dealing with barack obama, and barack obama has shown 99 out of 100 times that i'm not sure what the one other time is that if threatened he will cave. that's what he does. he's threatening. >> they're threatening the white house. they're also threatening their senate colleagues, their democratic senate colleagues. they're saying to the rest of the senate which they're a minority, they're saying listen, if we don't work something without we're prepared to shut the government down. it's to try to get the senate back on their heels, too. >> cenk: if you're a democrat and you're not in on this, okay. >> of course. >> cenk: and you actually care about progressive priorities and winning elections and, etc. which i think they do, the latter part, wouldn't you say oh my god please, please, have at it, hoss. make my day. you want to be the new newt gringrich, shut down the government. i'll relax and enjoy the show. >> that goes to my point. they think it's a new strategy, to get out in front of it, it makes them look like they're in charge and the other people by default
coffee person. they had to pour it out and make some more. when we went to the white house for the bill they called me and said you -- does your daughter wants to come? we had both been on the train trip with the obamas and the bidens and i said i will call her and the lady who called set i have to get her cleared and it is not easy so let me know quick. i called my daughter at 6:00 a.m. in the morning, and in another are she called back saying you get five of us in. i was so embarrassed, my son-in-law and my grandson, i got that much swing. we went in that house, walked up the gate that morning and all those women and men, you would have thought i was a rock star. my grandson was this big looking at me saying they have never been involved in any of this. we get into the white house and they pulled me out separate and meeting all the people and signed the bill, that was an awesome walk down the red carpet. the feeling i had because i had prayed so hard, you're not supposed to pray for personal things like that but i had prayed that would send a message. it was the first bill he signed i
. amid the concern for the safety of the president and constitution. >> the white house is hipting that it may hint at the grand bargain for the fiscal fight. you may recall that obama administration tried to strike a broad deal tackling taxes and entitlement spending during the debt-ceiling crisis a while ago. is there any reason to believe what they didn't accomplish back in 2011, july will have a better chance of passing congress this time a? here is a former white house director under president george bush . we have a senator from west virginia. chris, let me start with you. the president and congress, chris had a year and a half to devise a plan to cut speppeding and reduce the deficit. why goodness can they do it in the next couple of months? >> i will want to be optmistic and say yes. but it is difficult. there is a culture of real division and distrust between the major players. it doesn't seem that the parties trust each other. >> you are talking about bone bone and obama who don't much like each other? >> i would say the president and speaker and leader reid . you know, m
conditions by wednesday. our latest forecast. erica? >> dylan, thanks. >>> president obama is headed back to hawaiian vacation today. and given the fights he's about to face in washington, he may be wishing he could stay a little bit longer. our white house correspondent, kristin welker, is traveling with the president. she's in honolulu this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, erica. well, the president and congress may have resolved the fight over the fiscal cliff, but there are three more budget battles looming, and analysts say that could sideline part of president obama's second term agenda which he will begin to map out soon after he leaves hawaii. president obama soaking up the final hours of vacation before he and congress engage in their next fiscal fight. at the top of the list, the debt ceiling which is like the nation's credit card, and it's about to max out. emboldened by his recent tax hike victory, president obama drew a hard line in his weekly address. >> as i said earlier this week, one thing i will not compromise over is whether or not congress shoul
extremely deadly problems. we still don't know what the obama administration's legal justification for killing combatants including american citizens abroad is, because those documents are secret. we know that colleen mcmann deals with the white house, according to charlie savage and scott shane are suing on behalf of the american drones that killed iraqi men in 2011. there is a memoranda about the strikes. despite the secret justification for killing american citizens might help us to understand the vast and ever seemingly growing exercise that we have been engaged for the last year, but the judge ruled that they did not violate the violation of the americans freedom act. and we know that there cannot be a debate of the constitutionally or the propriety of kiing american citizens unless we know what the white house is making in its favor. back to the table, we have our panel. oliver stone is still with us. i i want to know what you know now, suze kim. >> i know that president obama and the last congress did their darnest to preserve george bush's legacy and why do i they? because
, if you talk to white house officials they believe they have more leverage going into this battle in part because they got republicans to break on the issue of increasing taxes on wealthier americans, that's, of course, what president obama campaigned on and he got that as a part of the fiscal cliff deal. moving forward i think you can expect to see president obama hitting the road, taking his message on the road, traveling to different states and making the argument if the debt ceiling isn't increased, the economy will suffer. you hear him say he's not going to negotiate with republicans. what specifically does that mean, we'll have to wait and see because, of course, house speaker john boehner is also taking a very hard line. he has said that he's not going to negotiate with president obama in these one-on-one sessions that we've seen in the past budget battles and he believes he's got leverage with the debt ceiling. but i think the white house will press on whatever package they agree upon to include some new revenues as well as spending cuts, of course, that is the big issue, republic
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